Tamara Willems

thanks and giving and giving thanks…

Yet another bit of grey…

It is our Thanksgiving weekend, and yesterday the increasing fallish-ness of the season starts to weigh on me a little.
With things to celebrate, and a long weekend to enjoy, I find myself feeling just a little less than
Another round of the loud and obnoxious,  less than masterfully muscling through, attempting to dispel the sane and rational.  The endless barrage of nasty politics on display both south of the border as well as here.  Those who raise their voices the loudest, are not the problem solvers or the peace makers.  Mostly they are just the loud and belligerent.
What is it we are to tell our young people, our sons and our daughters?
That this is how we are to be –  human???

As well there is this,  as it is a holiday weekend,  if there is a holiday to be shared,  my husband happens to work in an industry where people go to share in time together.  Which means, he is not here,  he is there.   Well now, to be fair I did get to see him this morning, before he left for work, and yesterday morning too.  Also let me add the fact that this is not something new for us, he has been doing it for twenty-seven years and most of our weekends and holidays have always been the same, we are well used to it.  But yesterday, the climate of the day, had me missing him…
and us.

As I sit down to write out a little bit of a moan,  I look up at the window and see the sweetest baby cardinal sitting in the cedar tree..  watching me.
I know where to find my gratitude.

There are two baby cardinals in the garden,  frequently visiting.  The loveliest little peeps are a constant song.  They are plump and jolly with expressions of wonder.
I take up my camera and go out for a walk. The garden too feels damp and weighted.
First stop at the pond, I watch one of the fish swimming around triumphantly with the longest worm in his mouth.  While close by another fish is following behind in hopes of a bit of kindness and sharing.
I make the rounds of greetings to the flowers.  I marvel at those still in the coming and give thanks  to those now in the going.
My Mr. Blue arrives, to gracious hellos and broad smiles.
It is quiet, but not quite ..  still.
It feels gentle and soothing to my spirits, to be here.

And yes, this is a day for gratitude,  as is every day for me.  I am grateful for simple beauty, simple living and simple pleasures.
I am always grateful for laughter with my kids, who really are no longer kids, but rather all young adults.  Who each are made up of the best parts of my husband and I and all each their own, so sharp, so smart and so much fun.
I am grateful for love in all its forms.  In recognizing, in cultivating, in encouraging and inviting love to grow bold and expressive and strong.
I am grateful for each tiny bit of goodness that enters here.  For kindness, and caring and friends that sustain.

And then in the distance a great gathering of voices,
you run to window to see them,
three big flocks of geese flying in formation,
and all the beauty of this.. makes your heart sing
and your smile
so very deeply felt.

On a day that is devoted to giving thanks,
and to being thankful,
Isn’t it quite the nicest thing to spread gratitude instead of the usual fare?
As each tiny little morsel can so easily expand
ones heart
Won’t you tell me, what is it
can find
to be grateful for?  ♥


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