Tamara Willems

Elevenses and peace …

11th hour, 11th day, 11th month

I am not much of a traditionalist, that is to say,
I don’t believe in always following all traditions
simply because they are
I don’t do appearances just for appearance sake.
I do indeed balk at the word should
and really,  I always have
I don’t much do organized religion
or strict often narrow-minded beliefs

I do kindness
I do compassion
I do understanding
mostly what I try to do is

I don’t believe I am a forcible parent
in most matters, (especially now that my children are all young adults)
I don’t
YOU SHOULD,   I don’t
I am to some extent a very strong proponent of free will
and your own freedom to

I am very much for open minds
open hearts
for education and for

I am always for questions and for

I am not for
just because you have told me so
just because you can SHOUT
or just because
you are forceful

I am not for violence
of any kind

I am for kindness
for compassion
for understanding
for peace

having said all that, this morning what expands my heart
is to attend televised Remembrance Day Services in our nations capital
as I do, every year – by standing, in prayer pose, in my own home
and to have the house grow increasingly silent
as each of my family members today,  quietly and of their own accord
file in behind me

to bear witness
to be touched by the Silver Cross Mother and her story
to look upon delicate faces of the very old
the very young
and to listen closely to Rabbi Reuven Balka (my favourite always)
as he speaks to us
of our connected-ness, of the necessity of out-stretched arms
of gratitude

and to be proud
as a parent, as a citizen, as
a fellow human on this planet
that hopefully this little light I shine
here,  in my home  (without demanding)
reminds each of us
that we

are for remembrance
are for respect
are for reverence

for kindness
for compassion
for love

for peace

and this we will remember.  ♥

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