Tamara Willems

to kinder things…

So today I’m starting with this,
Is there no end to man’s inhumanity?
Never ever,  ever in the balance of this insane world
will you make me understand military might in the face of people in need,
tear gassing men, women and indeed children
by a supposed civilized nation,  the so called leaders of which,
who blatantly, and arrogantly always count on
the nonchalance of ignorance
and who morally, verbally and repeatedly look down on ‘uncivilized’ nations
never, ever,
to understand just who it is who carry out these orders in any capacity
who they themselves can in any way make this ..
and for what ..  the love of money and power
and the great need to stroke a vastly over-stuffed ego
nothing about any of this
is civilized

(deep breath)

and now
that I have got that out
to kinder things…

to you who are battling a crisis of health
but not of love and

to you who are celebrating
baby steps and giant steps
leaps and

to you who may be struggling through waves
through crowds, through irrational fears
and uncertainties

to you who may be encircled by love
or still
in the searching

to you who are today bravely taking on the world
in your own small way
or (equally as brave)
waving the white flag of

to you mastering the art
and you
just muddling through

to you pledging once again,
to become
and also you
just now
resting in the grace

to you who try
and try again
and then
try some more

to you who come
armed only with compassion
who don the bruises of a kind heart

who find a way to offer the world
and its people
small gifts in anonymous packages
open minds
open hands
open hearts

compassion, empathy, kindness, love, and gratitude

these are my kinder things

these then,
are my gifts to you

as in the giving
is where you will find
receiving  ♥

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