Tamara Willems

a wish in the dark…

When my work day begins it’s still dark outside
as I walk, I take a deep breath and look up at the sky
where above me shines a very bright star
I make my wish (as I do every day)
one for me,  one for you
that this day..  ahead
will treat us kind

someone very special to me is facing, I guess one could say
the fight of her life
and as I worry, for her
as she struggles with the isolation of illness and its treatment
I wonder how best I can be of support
so very far away
and as I wish somehow –  to make this all just go away
but I know
that even I don’t have this kind of
magic wand

as I look to the sky
the last few lines of the Serenity Prayer
run through my head
‘courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference’
I realize that I am (once again) carrying someone else’s pain
not as a burden for me of unbearable weight
rather as the only way I know how
in the utter helpless-ness of things
to try and offer

I have no magic, I have no real medical knowledge
I have nothing real inspiring or uplifting
the only thing I have to offer
as always …  is love

so I consciously send her bits of love
in all and any ways that I can
I keep her in my head and fully
in my heart
and I carry the parts that need mending
delicately in my hands
like the tiniest fragile egg
making sure not to break it open
and I hold it everywhere I go
so that the parts that need mending
are never very far..

from here …

and I wish her well,
and I wish her
on a rough day  I send her a story,
a favourite of mine from the venerable Anne Lamott

I send her love
from the star in the sky

and I ask again,
once again
for kindness

then I take a deep breath

and we agree,
Abby and I
to try…  every day
to take it

bird…  by… bird     ♥

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