Tamara Willems

just one kind thing…

Yesterday, amidst a few errands,  although we ourselves are short on time
my husband stops into a busy coffee shop
to pick up a candy cane hot chocolate
for a girl at the store we have just been to
whose name he knows, as we see her often
and she has just mentioned
she likes ‘Timmies hot chocolate’

yesterday,  late in the day..  my drier breathes its last warm breath
and there it sits full of wet clothes

yesterday,  I gladly meet a friend
who is currently on a very grand adventure
of a lifetime
and when I see her (without actually seeing her)
we share a virtual soul nourishing hug
she in Greece
at home
both of us…  full
connected at the heart

this morning, my husband is gone early
to work
I am coffee,  alone
a small  I love you  on a bit of paper
was a paper of some importance
but now
for a different reason

this morning, I go out to breathe in
fresh air
and feed the birds
inevitably among wet leaves,  I step in dog poop

this morning, the sun shines
as I sit and read
while listening to the best comedy team I know
the running dialogue
of my two sons
in the next room

this morning, I think about my girl
who is struggling
and I lift up my lantern
so that she might see
a little

I send love to her parents and family
who I know feel helpless
and I
can feel small cracks

this morning as I walk
I look at a very light frost
that sparkles
and marvel at bits of colour
still to be found
in a December garden

let me tell you…

it’s as simple
as one kind word
kind thought
one kind thing

even just

the art of living

it is

that simple  ♥

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