Tamara Willems

paw prints in the snow…

I’ve had a visitor in the night
or possibly very early this morning
the evidence of such left in small paw prints up the walk
in the dusting of snow that fell over night
what a lovely sight

I’ve been wrestling a bit
with the mood of December
just the usual really,
far too many grey days and me..
feeling the pinch of time and busy schedules
how to make things special .. enough
while balking at rampant consumerism
and how to find the
softest spot in the

I know me
and I can feel me
as things start to swirl inside and the monkeys run wild
with their chatter, chatter, chatter
all the while, taking little nips and tugs
I cannot easily quell them
I have been trying to be
with myself..  and with others
(and if at first you don’t succeed..  to try, try again..)

this morning, I see the loveliest covering of white
brightening the landscape
dusting the trees
and these small paw prints up the walk and onto the porch
and I think,  this is it…   isn’t it

this is my wish
to walk softly and gently through my days
and to bring with me wherever I go, a softness and a gentleness
to your days,  in some small way
to not add to the ruckus and rampages of life
to not shout, to not sneer
but to always bring kindness
as an offering

to practice mindfulness and
to express sincere appreciation for gifts I am given
and for those I encounter

to open myself up to wisdom and to everyday
to greet each day joyfully,  and when I cannot..
to not tread too heavily
as I go
and always to choose to walk in peace
and love

to you, this holiday season
may life’s brightest blessings reach you
and find you

are  ♥

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