Tamara Willems

Do yourself a favour… read this

So here it is, if you have asked me.. and even if you haven’t – I don’t do it often – here is THE book I would highly recommend that You read:

Being Mortal by Atul Gawande
This is one of THE single most important books, I would highly recommend everyone should read.

A deeply insightful book partially regarding the many advances of modern medicine and its uses to help or hinder. Full of compassion that does not claim to have all of the answers to difficult questions but certainly points one in the direction of important questions to be clear about.
Granted most do not relish the idea of aging or facing unexpected health crises, probably none of us are ever fully prepared for facing our own or our loved one’s mortality – however, I cannot highly recommended this book enough, to be read by absolutely everyone BEFORE it becomes necessary to face difficult decisions… as we all indeed will.
This is not a book about dying, this is instead a book very much about living, well.

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