Tamara Willems

to a resting of wings…

I’ve wanted to write,  there just hasn’t been time
so I am stopping here
for a sit
a brief pause, to sift through
as now we come to the close of another year,
quite remarkable how very fast days, weeks, months seem to pass
and one might wonder did we spend it

does it bring one to taking stock..
of loves, of losses
of gains
life can change in astonishing ways
some wonderful, some
worrisome, some..  wows
to be here
relishing the wealth of love and laughter, great pride and
of my own dear brood
while off in the distance quietly falling away
faint memories
the now common fading ties of relations who really don’t
wish to be
odd trails in the snow…

the celebration of fresh new endearing, enriching friendships
some so familiar as if one had always known
older rekindling of smiles shared
in new light
freedoms and forgiveness
the ease of great love

not much one for resolutions, as such
a new year for honouring a few stirrings of the heart
to learn some
to love lots
to release, to let go
of much stuff
both inside and out
to cleaner lines and surfaces
to allowing for
to grow
to enrich and endear all of the life
that I touch
in some way
and to do so,  just gently
to leave the chars and ashes
of things I cannot control
the strange fury of some
the shouting and ire
loud nasty politics and constant stampede of serving
to veering away from the crowd

I want to walk softly
to quietly experience beauty and grace
the great value of simple things

I want to be kind
and I want you
to be kind

I want to think gentle thoughts
and when I cannot
to just then, be
or still

I want to show love
and I want to feel love
knowing full well that I AM LOVE
without scoreboards or conditions

I want to notice
I want to continue to marvel when I see the sun
the moon,
or the stars
and then…   to breathe
in deep

I want to always be bold enough to tell you
I love you
at precisely the minute I think it

I want to always begin
and end
with gratitude
a sigh
and a smile

and really…  what I wanted to do
was send my sincerest good wishes
to you
for a new year

and then,
in my reverence to a life
that is full

of beauty, of wonder
of love

to say Thank you  ♥

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