Tamara Willems

to the happy and the new…

This morning as I step outside, I can hear bells
ringing in the New Year
it is in fact the sound of my wind chimes
ushering in
the lightest mist of snow is falling
delicately dusting surfaces
and the air is

breathing deep…   I am here

this morning I am up too early
on a day that offers a lie in
but for the dogs…

instead, while the rest of my world lie in slumber
I set the coffee to perk, take advantage of a few quiet rooms
and sit quite happily
with my book

it is now, a new year
where we will familiarize ourselves with the number nine
instead of eight
(nine happens to be my favourite)
where this morning I will send out a message
or two
just to tell you, what I am thinking
and just how much I admire

and I will think about you,
where you are in the world
and where I am
as little sparks start to twinkle in my heart
like wires connecting to their circuits
and I will think about love

I will feel joyful and hopeful
and kind
I will look past the dullness of my January garden
as it sleeps, and marvel
in pure delight at discovering lasting bits
of colour
I will take a few snaps
just a bit out of focus and not mind
seeing instead the tangle in life’s branches, the thorns
and still the myriad of tiny hearts beating
with love

through all of this…
I will walk in great gratitude

and I will continue to send love
and kindness
that it may find

in the happy,  and the new ♥

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