Tamara Willems

sunshine on light snow…

You know you used to walk in the morning
up early, gear on
out the door in all weathers
you’d go
now it seems the unruly swells of hormonal waves
have you hesitant to leave the house
unless accompanied by someone you love and
holding on to the feelings
of safe
some days
rather embarrassingly but admittedly,
you are terrified
of the outside world
I suppose you’ve never been any different, really
internally terrified would probably best describe you
as a child
for many reasons,
I know…

I know

you know sometimes when I see you, I think to myself
ugh.  what has happened to your face?
you really should smile more, (on the outside)
time is starting to pull things
is that another chin..
why don’t you get on with doing something about this?

you know there was a time when maybe you really thought
you were the greatest mother,
your shining moment
dependable little creatures who need you so,
more often now, you worry what have you really

what if you and I met just inside
the gate
would I greet you with a look of disgust
tell you exactly what I’ve been thinking
attempt to knock some sense in
let you know just how much you let me
push you out.. on your own..

or would we embrace
and hold on in that for a few extra minutes
to squeeze tight
would I take your hand
and listen, while softening my heart
would I begin just quietly
patching up the little holes
that seem to be letting the cold in
would I point out to you how blue the sky is gleaming
how that little wisp of cloud looks just like a heart
and doesn’t this sun feel glorious

would we walk along in contemplation
of beautiful things
and find them in dappled light

and as we wander
would we look for signs of kindness
and be ever so thankful
to have found them
golden apples..  in the snow

and then maybe once again
I would commend your honesty and how it is you choose
to face the sun
and again,  I would remind you
how very easy it is to see
beautiful things

when the very real beauty of things

is what
you are looking for

(it’s all right here)  ♥

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