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by way of a ‘quick’ follow up…

Just a quick follow up to my post from yesterday,
most often when I write,  I talk to myself –  really in truth, most often when I do anything..
I talk to myself

I suppose I think a lot about the faces we show and when it is we look,  just what we see..
with the beauty industry such as it is and the onslaught of the age of social media
it seems we are more than ever concerned with..  appearances
there are medical ways to change things and faster better less costly ways to ‘alter’ things with filters and photoshop type tools,
to highlight, to enhance, to lighten, to erase, to shrink, to enlarge
to whiten, to brighten… and on, and on, and on
we continuously blur the lines of what is .. real

When I hear my daughters (or anyone) say things like, “I look awful today” and harshly criticize their own appearance, picking out features they don’t like
or wish they could change
I say to them,  One – that is not true and Two…  would you talk like that to a friend,
or someone you cared about?
Tell them,  ‘your nose is too huge,  your face is too fat, your hair looks awful’  I don’t think you would.
Please don’t talk to yourself like that.

But of course, we all do it.

The other thing is, when I write something…   real,  sometimes things just spill out
something that, re-reading it can bring me to tears…  and briefly I will think to myself,  Do I want to put this out?   Do I want to appear this pathetic?

But I know, that this, and I …  am not pathetic.
And then…   it connects.
I know very well  (at least I think I know)  that we all feel these kinds of things sometimes,  that none of us is wholly perfect.
And I feel that there is nothing wrong with showing this side of oneself, because when I hear someone talk about themselves in this way, I don’t think they are pathetic in any way.  Instead I feel a bit sad,  but not pitiable.  I think that maybe right now,  you could use a hug, a listening ear or a bit of kind reassurance.
Certainly then,  I am worthy of offering this to myself.  (psst…  and so are you)
And i believe that from time to time,  we could all use a little reminder,  to be

Anyway, all I really wanted to say was, again Thank you.  If I have written,
and you have read,  Thank you.
If I have shared and it has reached you,  Thank you.
If you have responded with kind understanding, with appreciation or better still ..  with recognition.
Thank You.
From the sincerest reaches of my heart…  to you,
and for you
with much appreciation and always
with my gratitude,

Thank you    ♥

(ack!  my apologies, I don’t know how this got so long!)



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