Tamara Willems

Who are you and What’s your name, would you like to play a game?

“Who are you and What’s your name
would you like to play a game?”

~ this is from a picture book I loved as a child, I still have it, and can recite most of the pages by heart.

These words in my head, today brought me to this:

my given name is Tamara,
also known as Tami, Tam even Tam Tam
I am Honey, Mom, Mooooooom!! and Mama
one old friend I ran into recently still calls me ‘Root’,
by another I will always be called ‘Buns’
My Dad called me ‘Boobs’, thanks to the anxious tweenage years of wondering whether I would ever get them (not to worry, they’re here!)
I have been called an old soul, probably true
or perhaps I travel with old souls
or more likely I am absorbed by old souls
I move through them,
they move through me..
I am very much a woman
yet still a girl
proudly a ‘Mrs’
contentedly a Mother
I am passionate
and practical
I am openhearted
and kind (i hope!?)
I am strong in ways I don’t always realize
and fragile in many ways I do,
I am thinking
I am feeling
I am gracious in the searching
I am motivated by Love,
by Respect,
Kindness .. ..
and cookies
and you,
who are you?


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