Tamara Willems

beauty and the beasts…

The starlings and grackles have arrived
en masse
feels a bit like noisy unwanted crowds
of the bird world, for me
not exactly what I would call pretty birds
they are loud and bossy, snatching food
and aggressively attacking the suet
with long pointy beaks
the grackles although sort of opalescent in shades
of purples and blacks
are kind of evil looking things, I find it hard to
instead I have been relishing visits from the woodpeckers
the downy, a red-headed as well as a red-bellied
have caught my fancy
and just the other day, I sat gazing lovingly at the fluffy
white and rosy breast feathers of a young hawk
instead of the television
I’m listening to some classical music to begin, some Amy Winehouse,
some Colin James, a little country, as well some Disney soundtracks
and yes,  a little birdsong
we are a house of music, always
as our background
I am reading about democracy and equal rights
I read this morning that what democracy gives us is the right
to complain
and I am thinking how very much indeed we so
do fully utilized this
skillfully in some cases, incessantly in others
the right to be loud, opinionated and so BOLDLY JOIN THE CHORUS
often feels just like pushing ones way to
the bully pulpit
I am feeling a little busy of mind
a little holding on too tight
a little stiffness in the bones, jaw and joints
I am feeling a need for an ease on the inside
that without conscious effort has been hard
to find
it’s my day off and I am thinking of things
to be done
the necessary clean-up-ed-ness of spring
things to be done
and taking on a new kind of
also, as always,  I am thinking of
of breathing
and too

to you this day,  of sunshine and cool breeze
I’ve nothing special to bring you
a lovely cup of tea
and time…
for a nice quiet wander in the garden
to gladly look for signs
beautiful resilience

I come in peace… ♥

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