Tamara Willems

the sky above…

Today is not a work day,
and so this morning, I wash my hair,
a very simple luxury, that feels
it is lovely and soft
and what I do with it
is nothing
I run my fingers through it
as it dries, and call this

under my feet, the floor is vibrating
as downstairs music blares
the Gruesomes, Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys
Jello Biafra, some Motorhead and Iron Maiden
all loud, and my husband pounding
on drums
upstairs, my daughters
The Sound Of Music, Little Shop of Horrors, Juno
Hairspray, some Post Malone, Swmrs, Halsey
at full volume
in between I resolve to turning off the classical music
now being drowned out
I can certainly imagine just what the house sounds like
from the outside
but from the inside…  my heart is full

another gorgeous spring day
although a little cooler
includes a walk in the sunshine
with my love
we walk past the first little house we owned
as newlyweds
it was quite small, but felt at the time
just perfect
changes to it in the years passed
seem to have taken away some of its charm
still, memories reside
in the little garden I planted out front
what remains of a rose garden and across the street
our old neighbours
who instantly adopted us as family
both of them now gone
from where we started… this many years later
it feels quite wonderful to be strolling past
holding this same hand

a friend posts one of those word searches
that says the first three words you see
describe you
pftttt, my initial response, intending to
keep on scrolling
when the jumble of letters pop out –     p  o  s  i  t i v e
followed by  k i n d and j o y f u l
yes I guess…  not always perhaps,
but certainly shades of this
are in me

I suppose that by sharing the small bits of nonsense
that I do
in my way, I’m inviting you
to bring this to your day,
to find your blue skies, to appreciate when a hand
reaches out
and to stroll along to the music
of your life

in gratitude
in kindness and in joy

and to always
the things that make you smile ♥

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