Tamara Willems

fluff up those feathers…

This morning I am reading a fabulous book,
(while reserving my final review, until I have finished
I am only about 300 pages in)
every single time I close the book, I say
this is a book everyone should read
it is a book highly recommended to me by my friend…  Bill Gates
(even though it comes in a newsletter,  I’m pretty sure he still sends it
personally –  to me,  cause you know…  we’re friends)
the book is  Enlightenment Now: The Case For Reason, Science, Humanism, And Progress
by Steven Pinker

what I am liking about it most, besides it being a wealth of information
and intelligence (two of my favourite things)
is that I keep thinking to myself –  ‘see that’s what I said’
and even though I know, I don’t retain data well
it makes me think …  that I am indeed
and this thought then
makes me smile on the inside, as I give myself
a little gold star and pin it proudly,
to my chest

and isn’t that the nicest feeling,
to smile from inside
when your inner dialogue to yourself is one of strength
of courage, of confidence
we don’t always give ourselves this grace
do we?

and of course we don’t always give this
to each other

we like to argue, we like to one up
we like to talk over, instead of
listen…   learn
we belittle and berate ourselves
we feel like impostors always on the verge of
being found

what if today,  just as you are reading this
you think of something wonderful about yourself
something to be
pin on your own little gold star
and then maybe,
do this very same thing
for someone else

but remember,
to start with you

this may not last for the whole day
maybe your star won’t stick
falls off when you aren’t looking
but even for that brief moment
you knew it was there
and the imprint of which
stays there

as a little bit
of kindness ♥

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