Tamara Willems

ordinary everyday madness…

This morning first thing,
I quite peacefully wander through words
of someone
I appreciate so very much, whose thoughts and feelings
mirror my own, in so many ways
this morning,  I look to the light shining through tulips
and send a message of love
to a friend, who gets me
I am in a week of high anxiety and deep breaths
opting to allow and not fight against
keeping my
trying hard to inflict no wounds on others
or myself, by harsh thought or
loud sighs
the struggle entirely internal
I send it to the quiet room
inside me
still I can feel its bashing about
in my abdomen
this morning the sun is shining beautifully
light breeze, freshly cut grass
I go out
run a few errands with my love
unfailingly grateful for time
in the grocery store, my hand
almost always on his
caught in an everyday romance
we are forever
leaving the store, we drive up the road
chattering nonsense
as usual
rather suddenly a car pulls directly into our path
driver completely unaware
as we are about to collide
passenger’s face registers the same horrified shock
as mine
my husband applies the brakes
groceries become airborne, a tub of ice cream
sails by my head
we come to a stop, unscathed
and the car zooms away
loud sighs
we adjust ourselves in our seats
take a deep breath
ordinary, everyday, madness
I think to myself
so very, very glad,
I sent you a love note
cause now it’s raining. ♥

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