Tamara Willems

and if you have been waiting…

I have been waiting…
I have been waiting for this day,
for this..  
for just this opportunity,
it is Friday, also known as
my day
and I am in the garden
all day, all darn day
there is so much said of why wait,  don’t miss your chance
use the good china, blah, blah, blah
but I was waiting…
for time, because I wanted to be here
full in, immersed
my time to
such was my plan today and is
for the whole weekend
(although one knows what can happen with plans)
all it takes is the warm sun on the back of my neck
and shoulders
the burgeoning apple blossoms
and the delicate psithurism of a cool breeze
through tender green leaves
to know that I have found my nirvana
first a walk around with my love
look at things that need doing
share a little spice and a kiss
I make him laugh
and my heart grows wings
soon enough he is off to work
and I
with the flowers and the sprouts
today I am on clean-up duty
a lazy gardener in the fall makes a bit of a busier one
in the spring
time flies, as I cannot think of anywhere else
completely ignoring my allergies
my day is filled with
utter joy
a simple kind of thing
a little love
a little sunshine
a little freedom
to be

all I really wanted to say to you this day,
is, even if you are
now seems like the perfect time
to find
your happy place ♥

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