Tamara Willems

a day on which…

So what is it that I can tell you about this day,
a day on which nothing really miraculous happens,
yet a day where everything
a day in which my husband who has been away
and my heart fills with the same excitement as
the very first time, yet still
where the first thing he does after he kisses me
and unpacks
is to walk with me among the flowers,
then we sit to lunch
where everything about this (for me)
is love
a day on which the sun is shining brightly
and a gentle breeze brings kind comfort and softness
to every thing
that yesterday was harshly pelted by wind and rain
where what feels like forever showers have begun
to ready the bridal wreath spirea for her
big show
just as the last of the apple blossoms have so gracefully
in blush
where a quiet walk through the gate ushers you in
with the gentle scent of lilac and wisteria
in the most delicate of fragrance, as not to
bowl you over, but instead to
draw you
so many versions of green now on display
no two completely alike
each a complementary mix of light and shade
yesterday while out front digging up sod a fellow comes down the street
I can hear him coming,  long before he is visual
he is someone who travels our street often, on his way to
he yells to the voices in his head,
he argues and pleads, he moans, he curses, loudly
in constant conversation, in sadness and in anger
I stop what I’m doing as he passes,
I try to take a little of his
to carry a small portion of his burden
I surround him in kindness and in
love, as he goes walking
on his way to
today, I am touched by sadness
as again I send kind thoughts
while I sit in sunshine, ease sore muscles and
chat with the fish about peaceful things
and bubbles
as well today, I am laundry and baking
for the week ahead
I am thinking, I am feeling, I am here
face to the sun…

and I am also gratitude ..  always

for love, first and foremost,
for kindness
for beauty
and for
for the sanctity of a blessed life
and this day,
where nothing really miraculous happens
yet a day

where everything

is  ♥ 

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