Tamara Willems

hereby notice…

Today outside the grocery store while I
to look at roses
my husband watches
two people approaching with ice cream drumsticks in hand
as one woman peels off the wrapper,  she then
tosses it on the ground
and keeps walking
‘Excuse me, he says,  You dropped something’
the woman caught off guard goes back for a second, but then sheepishly
turns around, avoids eye contact, keeps on walking, 
thinking little of the garbage she has just thrown down
seems like the strangest thing to have just witnessed
who does this..  without even being phased
a perfectly good garbage can within steps ??

near the downtown on a residential street
we are stopped momentarily while someone backs into
a parking space
my husband just about to put his elbow on the open window
when a car zooms past on the left side
with barely enough room
someone in such a rush or simply impatient enough
to risk
he curses,
we remark to each other of odd behaviours
this, I tell him, is why I
in the garden…

it is Friday,  a day of breathing deep,
of walking in sunshine, singing loudly and swaying in the kitchen
in duet with Robert Plant and his Honeydrippers,
♪ each night is like a thousand years.. ooo ooo  ♪♪
of joyful noises, the scent
of warm sun-kissed
what I’m thinking about today is
how dear to me, are the beautiful things
of life
something I write about often, I know
beautiful things, or things I find beautiful anyway
eye of the beholder and all that…
how much joy and peace are to be found in simple
and how very much almost magical
comes from just…

we are so much now consumed with rushing, experiencing
daring never to be found
missing out
we fail to appreciate softness, languid-ness
we are too pressed for time, too self-absorbed
too distracted, too outraged
we are always ON play, and rarely are we
so very much can be missed, if we fail
to even

the kindness in a smile, briefly catching someone’s
light dancing on leaves
maple keys that sail
dragon flies and bumble bees and clover made of hearts
maybe a cut of fabric, a work of art
how hard someone has worked to master
their skill
profound intelligence
or caring
maybe for you it’s the varied flavours in a bottle of wine
as it swirls on your tongue
a gorgeously prepared dish of food
a shopping spree, amazing architecture
maybe it’s a rollicking concert, a great gathering of friends
a fantastic crowd of strangers
united in efforts

notice big things, and little things
and things in between
notice love, notice light
notice places of
be good and be grateful and be
go gently,

look for beautiful things that ignite you
and keep you

then I will know you

notice life,
and you will be

by love ♥

(psst…  it is everywhere.. )

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