Tamara Willems

just the same…

You know, I tell him
I think I am on the edge
dark and light
the very top of that damn roller coaster
and I am holding on for dear life
fingers over eyes
uh-oh..  he says
yeah, says I

two days ago, I tell him
something I’ve been afraid to say
(I tell him that part too)
I think I’m having hot flashes
and I’ve been afraid to tell him,  in case he’d think that I was old
he doesn’t say much,
goes on loving me..  just the same
he knows me well, no danger of me trying to be something
I’m not
then he stays,  a little extra time walking the gardens
with me, just looking at

this morning’s early start,
he suggests a brisk walk
look at the neighbourhood
before he has to leave for work
and I am left
with the laundry
and another really beautiful day
sunshine, with a bit of cloud

sitting outside by the pond
I’m watching a toad float
on a water lettuce
and I’m thinking, that the greatest thing
about love…
is the kindness
we can offer
and how it is always this,

us ♥

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