Tamara Willems

to a summer’s day…

This morning I am gravitating to light
the first day of summer, and although I am a funny kind of
photographer (having no real skill or knowledge)
lately,  I am enamoured by the effects of
shadows and light
in the garden
also for the moment I am sat wondering
who would really care if I were to sit
in the sun
in my own yard, where no one can see
and even if they could…
sunshine on bare skin
(ha!  I am not 20, but who should know)
Mr. Blue comes to sit for a chat
and we discuss such folly
as a small airplane circles yet again
tomorrow I am going out with friends,
quite a lovely annual trip,  an afternoon of theatre
and lunch
which means, today of course,  I am trying to keep anxiety
at bay
our celebrated day out, is always a fabulous day
that inside voice, just really thinks we
could be home
but you know, the courage of me
is to today,  seat myself
in this
let anxiety in
offer it a comfy chair, a cold drink
where together, we will sit
in the sun
watch the birds, visit with the fish
and talk
to the flowers
who each in their own way
somehow will find that little bit of glorious light
that little patch of golden
encouragement and
to open themselves up
as beautiful

(topless… or otherwise ) ♥

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