Tamara Willems

what is it I have to say…

Yes to that gorgeous light,
to a perfect summer’s day
of sunshine and lovely breeze
of a sky so very blue
that seems to go on …  for days
of a good part of the day spent
in the company
of my love
and a couple of new shrubs, for the garden
of my hand on my husband’s chest
to suddenly silence him
so that we can watch
a hummingbird
yes to the young blue jay who stopped
to pose
spreading out his lovely wing
for optimum viewing
then swiftly dashed off, before I could
to morning coffee outside, and watching Mr. Toad
lazily floating on the water lettuce
around the pond
while tadpoles swish away
to the little chipmunk who steals in for
a snack
to watching my flowers open their bright
to the sun
and smiling in fond
yes to my husband saying,
as we walk in sunshine,
that every day
should be
yes to the wind chime that hangs in my garden
made by my love
a silver tea pot and tiny spoons,
that jingles in jubilation
when tickled
by the breeze
to the gentleman cardinal, who comes to call
and wonders why I am sat (for the moment)
in sun drenched worship,
instead of replenishing
the seed
yes to the roses upon roses who tumble out
in magnificent bloom
not even bothering to worry
who might be most
yes to the lovely dancing butterfly
who each evening, greets me with wild
and insist on lighting on me
at least one time
making me feel as though I
were just
yes to starting my work week,
with much laughter
and a kind friend who brings me
tuesday’s few extra minutes
in rescue of a monarch, trapped in some netting
with the dearest of the dear
and when the weekend comes,
to again, hugging a friend whose heart
I know
oh, so well
yes to kind words,
to kind hearts, and kind thoughts
and yes to the importance of this

yes my goodness, to all
of this,
I say…
Yes!  Yes! Yes!

to this
only this…

and always, my love
you ♥

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