Tamara Willems

feed your soul…

Today is about the birds and the
and listening to love songs
it’s about genuine kind words from a genuine
kinda friend,
that more than do their job of
expanding my heart
(thank you TR)
stepping out the back door, enveloped by hot humid air
the first thing you notice
is a low melodic hum,
the trumpet vine abuzz with a thousand
heavy after the rain, bobbing low
cool drips down the back of your neck
the pond, brilliant emerald green as the duckweed
has closed in
still a few swishy tadpoles, tiny toads everywhere
in the grass
little miracles of life
strength of giants, in small packages
while I wander the flowers, and chatter away
my husband is in the vegetables
offers up the first few snap peas and green beans
to my delight
nice as a handful of diamonds
fresh from the garden, really is the best way
for a brief few minutes we walk
watching the bees
falling hopelessly in love
gathering sweet
all too soon, he is off to work
and my daughter too,
I find myself,   alone
now what to do…
first I slice up half a fresh frosty cool watermelon
and devour every juicy
then I turn the music up loud
and sing myself some love songs
I do a little baking
and feed my soul on beautiful things
then I send you a wish…
I say, thank you
I love you

as gratefully and joyfully
I unfurl
wings ♥

In the words of the great Mary Oliver, ” Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

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