Tamara Willems

captivating joy…

As to why I so often use #dontmissthis and #noticelife,
yesterday in one small spot of various milkweed in my gardens,
five monarch caterpillars,
for me, instant amazing
while this morning, not one is to be
I’m sure they are still here, but I have no real wish
to disturb

a quiet walk of gratitude in morning
and this lovely lady follows me
every where
as if she knows that today,
I could use the company
vibrantly bright, monarch butterflies to me
are instant flutterers of captivating joy
the great gracefulness
although the cardinal seems also to be vying
for my attention
while two robins splash about in the bird bath
maybe yesterday I didn’t have the greatest day at work
and again I can struggle with why I am
I came home to scrape my hand open
in exactly the same spot that I ripped open
on Monday, in exactly the same spot that I have been trying to heal
since gouging it last Thursday
then…  I smash my knee… my husband’s not here,
and has no time in a busy day
for a moan… so I don’t.. get it out.
tomorrow… I go back,
even if
I don’t want to.
Kacey Musgraves sings, ‘tryin to hold it all together,
we all wish our best was better’

then the breeze blows through the wind chimes and the music
I watch as the light
dances on leaves
minutes later, Kacey again and Willie Nelson asking in duet,
“Are you sure, this is where you want to be…”
I suppose grace comes in knowing well
I am centred in loving kindness
and just where it is
I come

breathing deep, I take in the beautiful things
that surround me
the quiet, the vibrant, the real
shake off the mental fatigue of work
(and the world)
the cardinals call me out of thought
and my chair,
the monarch fluttering, gladly leads the way
as we go out to revisit,
a perfectly beautiful

and to say thank you
for the strength
quiet beauty
and gentle kindness
for this

we pause for a minute to notice
another butterfly
has just landed

really, she whispers
would you ever… miss this ♥

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