Tamara Willems

a circle of thanks…

This past weekend, we were most fortunate to attend the wedding of two lovely people.  One of these dear friends, happens to be a pretty fantastic storyteller, who has posts called Twangy Sunday’s that include a story and feature a ‘twangy’ song –  so in her honour, I offer you this:

This morning first thing,  I see an oriole in the trumpet vine,
they come as frequent visitors now that it is late August
and the trumpets are plenty
and so begins my first thoughts of gratitude
for the day
well my second thoughts actually, as my first being
that I do not have to work today
and have enjoyed a lie in
right now I am sitting beside the small pond
in the quiet of my garden
watching the fish, and chatting to a toad
as we both soak up the sun
I am indeed grateful for his company
truth is I find myself still full to overflowing
with a great gratitude that lingers from a fantastic weekend
spent in the company
of friends
it was our good fortune to attend the before,
the during
and the afters of a wedding celebration
filled as it was, to the brim with love, with laughter
and with kindness
which happen to be…
of my favourite things

these two lovely people came together at a time
when they were both
in need of a friend,
of a shoulder, of kindness, of caring and
they came together in realness, and with
genuine understanding
they both found a way to open hearts that had been
bruised and broken
cautious and
they found a way through laughter,
and through tears
to a friendship that stuck
and supported
that lifted and embraced
that empowered and endured
and through this,
they found

the greatest thing they did with this love
was to open it up
to include friends and family
near…  and far
a son, grandchildren
the honesty of each of these beautiful humans
spread like a spark
to light us all with the same brilliant flame
and we were then, each of us
by this

by kindness, by laughter
music and dancing
by simple pleasures, and grand embraces
we were blessed by the greatest gifts
of love

and because of the generosity of these two hearts
we take this with us

so,  all I really wanted to say today,
is Thank you,
Thank you to our dear friends Robin and Lynn,
for including us
in your

as your two hearts
have indeed made
whole  ♥

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