Tamara Willems

to finding our feet…

You know August can sometimes feel
like the cruelest month,
even though it’s not got the harshness
of winter
the sometimes colourless, bleak and bitter cold
that will come
it just has a transitional feel
of things about to change
of letting go
that for some reason finds me always
wanting to grasp it desperately
by the coattails
dig my heels in and hang on
for dear

this week our youngest daughter
moves in to school
a very grand new adventure
for someone whose badge of courage
may not always seem so very
but whose bravery I greatly admire
because..  I know
how much more she has

while our other girl continues to find
her own footing
in ways that I have never had any doubt
that she
the fears and uncertainty of change
hit each of us hard
this week
and the expected guidance of a parent
with answers
leave one feeling, for a time
rather…  helpless
and thinking how very cruel of me to unknowingly
instill so much of myself
in my children…

the painful process of having one’s heart
on the outside

but also,
mid-week dawns beautifully sunny
and bright
the breeze making things in the garden
dance with delight
flowers still bloom, and the butterflies
and bees for now, remain a
the quince bush offers up a very late blossom
and baby steps forward..
find comfort and
once again I am touched
by the very kindness
of a friend… (where would one be..)
in the midst of a rather desperate start to the week
I find myself as always,
wanting for more time…  and less
yet always, always
buoyed by
abounding gratefulness
a gratitude for simple things that fill my heart
sunshine that lightly illuminates
in the garden
the sudden pluckiness of a small toad
who ventures out, even after the dog has decided to play
a sunflower that lays her head down in the path
trusting that she
will not be trampled
the small chippy who swiftly appears
then freezes
in a cautious statue like stance
making sure the coast is clear
the cardinal who comes to knock
and the silent swishes
of the

even though I know life unfolds
as it should,
and seasons too, I suppose
some days feel easier to face

yet still we try
to boldly

gratefully empowered, as we are
by our roots

and also, as we come to learn

by the greatness
of our
wings ♥

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