Tamara Willems

preparing as it were…

Up in the night with a dog who doesn’t like
first thing this morning, down for coffee
I am greeted by a slew of expletives flying outside
the kitchen window
the roofers have returned
the cats and I are feeling like
we are
boots and hammers on the roof
bodies and faces appearing at windows
not entirely our idea of
comfort living
like shadows in the rooms

outside definitely gets worse before it
gets better
trampled bits of garden, lying rather crestfallen in flattened swaths
still feel kind of painful to view
errant pieces of debris scattered
here and there
a fine blackish sort of soot covers everything it has
lightly dusted today
including the surface of the little pond
very ready to have this spot of bother done with
but not nearly so eager to face
the invoice that

my husband briefly visits across the road
with the son of our neighbour
they themselves now dealing with their own kind of
aftermath, sorting
and clean up

all the stuff of life, I suppose

sometimes we step over, step around
set aside, make due
sometimes we deal with, dispose of
dole out, store up, put away for safe
all the

now that it is September,
it feels as if this is precisely what the gardens
are up to
as the season begins to change
there is a certain
wilted-ness, a scattering,
a laying down, a letting

still you know, a beautiful thing
to call witness to
just how the light will
on what remains

today, even as the air starts to cool
and fall may not be ‘my season’
can still be found, as here we are
(new)roof over our heads
hearts open
preparing as it were, the garden and I
for brighter things ♥

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