Tamara Willems

pleasanter things…

Today is a day to do
pleasant things…

and so it begins with not having
to go in to work, sleep a little later
and coffee
then starting a new book
which from the opening lines, I know already
I will love
a message from a friend,
brightens the world around me
as next I am off to have a
for a short time this may not be the most
pleasant thing
yet is a
necessary thing and now that it’s done
feels kind of

once back home, I spend some time sifting through
which happen to be something that I love
this particular bag of buttons, mysteriously a few weeks ago
started to spill onto the floor, unprovoked
and there they have sat
by the stairs
gathering in the decorations of the day
dust and dog hair
today my husband quickly sweeps them up
and in an effort to save their very existence
I find a new vessel for them to gather
(an empty fish bowl)

while trying to reduce the size of my wallet
the weight of which I do not care for
(certainly not caused by an abundance of money)
I come across some posy pictures of me
taken by a professional photographer
many (many) years ago
I show them to my daughter, who says
‘you look..  EXACTLY the same..  except for that tall hair’
between takes, about thirty years,
a husband, four children
and a lot of life
have passed,
these few words today, start to wiggle their way
into my skin,
and I wear them
like tiny sparkles

passing by the back door,  I see the little chipmunk
sitting happily, bathed in
just inside the mailbox that serves as a bird feeder
in the garden
his cheeks full and his lovely striped fur
I pause to just look at him
my heart so very full of gratitude
for simple things
that make one

I step outside, turn my sights to the sky
and very rarely do I find it hard
to see
heart ♥

(*turn your head to the right..)

and sending you,
your own kind of love and kindness.

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