Tamara Willems

to a softer kind of light…

In my garden and in my pictures
I am appreciating the light of October,
in part I suppose because I can feel myself caught somewhere
in the aimless wander
of fall
what is it I have got to say these days.. and who really cares,
when the summer sun and warm temps are
quickly slipping away and a more dulling aching sort of chill
sets in
I’ve not been sleeping so well of late
and that certainly adds to my
I am, I can say, sometimes a bit of a good-natured
when I can easily recognize – it is indeed – Me at the cause,
and therefore am most often able to poke a little fun
at myself
(instead of beating myself up)
I am also currently having stress dreams regarding people in my house
many, many people
and really…
I just need to use the bathroom.
I know why this is..  and I know all will be well, when we get there
so like the touch of October light
I am trying to..  let things

a small blip on a series of necessary health checks
served to trip one up a bit
even though things came out just fine,
the ‘it’s no big deal’ still serves to stick a pin
in the bulletin board.. of life
where a loved one believes you when you say it
instead of showering you with the attention you
(silently, maybe we both were a little scared)
where then, the receiving of love and kindness from a friend
touches well any places left lying
open to

I cannot speak enough about the absolute necessity of kindness

I read about the Little Rock Nine, and regal my family with astounding tales of the absolute unfathomable courage and strength it would take for one family,
for one individual to take a stand
to right a wrong
to act in a non-violent manner
for something as simple as
as human kindness and

I marvel at my kids who spend an entire evening working hard to capture
a mouse
that the cats have brought up to play with
the kids indeed do manage to catch it
and take it far enough away from the house (we hope)
for release

kindness in action, makes one’s heart smile

sometimes it seems we work so hard to
better than
one up
out do
what if we spent more time looking to appreciate
the small kindnesses of life
the kind people, the kind acts
the kind

there are certainly ways to stand for what one believes in
in kinder ways
in kinder gestures
in kinder

maybe it is enough to spend my days not so much in aim-less
but more in aim-full
and recognizing in great gratitude
when such things

because this I know,
this is the light
I am
looking for

that calls us gently
that draws attention
and sincerely
while steadily reflecting love
is the light

and trust me,
the warmth one feels
when it shines

can be
pretty astounding ♥

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