Tamara Willems

a comforting kind of kindness…

I come to the end of my work week
and sink myself low
into the kind comfort
of home
an autumn sort of chill is in the air
of late, all day wind and rain,
so at home,  I am a socks AND slippers
kind of cozy
Friday morning my love and I
spend five hours in the car driving to pick up our daughter
from school
while there is lots of traffic on the roads,
never do I mind travelling time with my husband all
to myself
always there is great comfort in this,
kind conversation in close quarters
while there, I marvel at just how comfortable our daughter looks
in her new surroundings
this in itself is a kind
of comfort too (for a worried mom)
back home as I’m making the beds,
adding an extra blanket to each
I am again thinking about comfort, how I wrap myself in
my ‘Aunt Pat’ blanket when it’s cold,
to which now I have added a blanket knit by my
late neighbour, Natalia
and the great comfort…  there is in knowing
Saturday, I come to find, that again.. someone we know
has died
and for a time, up too late, I am lost
in a scroll of pictures and music,
of younger days, of smiling faces, memories made
and miles to go…
while further away dear friends still riding high
on extended celebrations of love
radiate a light that touches many in wonderful
Sunday, I try to let this all sink in,
the gratitude of knowing,
of feeling, of remembering
soaking in the bits that
I need,
the love, the kindness, the comfort
and from my heart, (when it’s all I have to give)
sending out the bits that
might need also,
kindness, comfort,
peace, gratitude

and love

to find you
whole ♥  

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