Tamara Willems

worrisome weighs…

When I am in a mood, the dissolutions of the world
start to weigh on me a certain
weariness of spirit
makes me wonder sometimes what
is the point of carrying
when blatant ignorance and cruelties
take on the lightness of laughter
and flippancy
when ideas of simple kindness can be so easily
so, so

I wonder sometimes how one is expected
to guide young lives
with (most days), no idea
of what we are doing
other than assurances that of course
quite naturally, we can all feel this way
and rightfully so, I suppose
really, there is no issue owning up to that
which we do not know
this is..  as it happens
how we stay

to be honest, I don’t readily attach myself to any
organized religion
suppose I trust more in the less-rigorous
kind of certainty
yet always I am most grateful for the gentle wisdom
of Br. David Steindl-Rast,

“Nothing gives you more joy than when your heart grows wider and wider and your sense of belonging to the universe grows deeper and deeper.”

tends to reach me at precisely the right
when it appears,  that I am feeling rather
disparaging and worrisome
like I am wandering around aimlessly
in my own head
looking through words

I can feel the softness in his voice
take some of the weight
off weary
as I breathe in..  deep

I surrender myself to the
to the all
will be well
feel the places on my skin
warmed by the sun
watch the birds in the garden
slowly, as I walk,
absorb the quiet, the light
the breath

and indeed expand my heart
with love
and with gratitude

for the simple sake

goodness ♥

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