Tamara Willems

a wander among leaves

The skies seem a dismal shade of greyish – white, raindrops have speckled the window, and I am feeling a little fallishly dull, as I sink into the comfort of my chair with my coffee and book.  Then like clockwork she arrives, Mrs Cardinal tapping at my window. A “Good Morning and I believe the feeder is empty!”  The cat seems too sleepy to be bothered this morning.
I feebly attempt to open the window, grasp for a bit of fresh air.  It stubbornly refuses to budge. Silly crooked finger! Frustrated I return to my book, reveling in grey.
Gloriously the clouds suddenly part and that beautiful burst of light illuminates my skin, instantly lifting this cloud.  I turn my face in delighted recognition of light, and I smile.
I have been summoned.
As I step out, my old friend Mr. Blue kindly trumpets my arrival, or possibly he’s just screeching his own, for fear I might have missed him.
On yet another beautiful November day, everything in the yard appears golden.  So many yellow leaves have blanketed the gardens and lawn, … delicately dipped in the pond.  Under the spruce tree, the wind daintily showers me with pine needle confetti.
The air is deliciously scented with the smells of fall.
Earth, leaves and gradually fermenting apples.  A few late tomatoes still adorning long since tired stems, clinging to life as the last of the vegetable garden’s offerings. Now seem to provide a meeting place for the ladybugs.
Trees are starting to bare, a shedding of yesterday’s news.   A couple of late blooming flowers now steal the scene standing in glory in their ‘Sunday best’.
As I come around the tree, I see my husband’s old smoker – he makes me smile, with his rusty appearance and grumpy old “get off my lawn” expression!
Everything today seems littered ..  but in such a beautiful, magical way.
As I wander,  the clouds close in, once again dulling the sky.
Causing a pall.
Then just as suddenly clouds part, revealing a beautiful blue,  and glorious sunlight shining through.
And I think to myself how wonderful it is bear witness to all of these changes, To beauty and light, to shadows and decay. To the many differences in sights, in sounds, in smells,  in perspectives,  in opinions …
I can see colours, hues and adornments. Where you might see leaves to be raked, gardens to be cleared, things to put away.  I wander along as leaves crackle under foot, enjoying the music. Where you might feel the chill in the air, pull a sweater tighter, retreat to closed doors.
We are all different in many ways, but if today you happen to wander into beauty, or perhaps you are searching for it…
just take a brief moment .. to look,  to breathe in fresh air, to turn your face to the sky, to recognize the magic of a falling leaf,
to feel your heart … smile.
Then in this we are the same.

so then,  how about a nice cup of tea? ♥

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