Tamara Willems

one small speck…

A dull colourless sort of day, early December, large wet flakes of snow drifting idly to the ground, then mostly surrendering themselves on contact.
No sun.
This morning I read Devotion by Patti Smith, an intimate and intriguing look into writing and the masterful creative process of just how it is done by her and why we write.
Devoured in one sitting, of awe and

Always I come away from reading anything by Patti Smith wondering why I would even attempt to capture life in this way, in words and pictures
as indeed she does it so very, very well.
Far more intelligent than I am, still I find myself almost stunned by just how much I get it, and completely enamoured by how much it would appear we come to see the world through similar
While Patti travels the world through places and people, through art, literature, poetry and song
and I travel along from the comforts of my chair by the window,
or wandering my garden
swelling in gratitude for each
of cultured ordinary

Interesting the how and why one writes,
while I am not iconically cool
no real aspirations of fame and fortune
of being discovered,
I find for myself it just becomes a thing, a way to view
to express in words, to sort through thoughts and
I have no real concept of who reads, or even who cares
what sort of drivel I may be on about today
I kind of have a little conversation with the universe
about things I may be thinking about
and every time, quite wonderfully I find
the universe
is always willing
listen ♥

that’s all, that’s what I wanted to say today,  and also this
do yourself a favour, find something by Patti Smith and take a rather gracious walk
through inspiration. ♥♥

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