Tamara Willems

almost perfect cures for what ails…

This morning starts a little salty,
the dog wakes me way too early for a Sunday
and December being what it is has my husband
spending many hours at work, and just not enough at home
where I can entertain him with my intelligence and
killer wit, that just leaves an audience of one
and I already love me, sometimes it is nice to hear it from someone else
you know,

the ground is white when I get up, large snowflakes
are blowing in, as I sit
as the hustle and bustle of Christmas begins to amp
and I start to wrestle with the provision of things,
the cost of
the messages of things and the consumerism
of things
of missing my love, and also a few days of thinking that my face
appears to be sliding or melting maybe
onto my chest (the great cruelties of aging, as well as my current affliction of sitting too much)

last night, I do what I do when it comes to this each year
I gather in my catalogues for Gifts of Hope and Survival,
I browse… wonder where a small gift might be of use
then make some choices for my family
my heart expands
(and this I know…)

this morning the sun stretches out to instantly make everything
and a message
a lovely message, quite unexpected, a connection
is made,
a smile..
and that little light in my heart starts
to glow

I go outside to feed the birds
a simple act of kindness, walk in gratitude in the garden
say Thank you to the sun
I think about a friend, whose been battling
another who has hit
a rather rocky shore
and wonder where it is I
can be of use
I send out love and kindness through the trees
on the cold breeze
I watch it sail with the clouds
and stretch wide on a sunbeam
it becomes vast as the blue above me
until I can feel its arms around you
keeping you, even for just this moment
in a gentle embrace

as I pause with my camera
the brightness of the sun and freshness of the air
make a single tear
run down my face
and that tiny little bit of salt
suddenly becomes

sweet ♥

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