Tamara Willems

ode to friendship in soft light…

(a long story about shorter things…)

There is this book that I have been holding for more than a year now,
it is a book of smallish proportions, yet only in size and certainly not
in stature.
I don’t so often read books of short essays, or short stories.  I find in reading I like to have all of the bits connect in a more familiar way, if that makes any sense.
However this book, this lovely little book
fit just so perfectly into a spot I had for just such a read, in small snippets of time, on work and lunch breaks. So I have been travelling back and forth to work with it for well over a year now, taking it in little delicious nibbles.
The flower can always be changing by Shawna Lemay
who happens to be a friend of mine, (partially why I snagged it hot off the presses)
a friend by way of the very modern world version of a pen-pal, who I ‘know’ but have not met.  A friend indeed much cooler than I, as she is a writer and photographer whose husband is an artist, whose daughter seems equally, delightfully as creative and is a vision of unique pinkish perfection. 
A friend who I first connected with through her blog Calm Things, and the new one Transactions With Beauty, who speaks in words, poetry and pictures, sometimes music that often feel so very familiar. A friend with far more knowledge of said things, as these are
a few of my favourite things ♪♪
of course isn’t this how one recognizes a friend
by familiar

Shawna’s first novel Rumi and the Red Handbag was also a book I loved and have gushed about many times in person as well as on my own blog, so I was certainly in no way surprised to feel equally as enamoured with this one,  but what a true treasure this little gem turned out to be.
So many times I read a page and with a small sigh and a smile thought,  ‘that…  is my favourite one’  – only to then read another line or two and feel exactly the same way.
This is a book, I continuously look forward to opening again and again just to revisit a gorgeously simple yet vastly profound thought and feeling.  I adore it,  every last word of it, I adore it.  The subject, the focus, the cover, the flowers, the words, the feelings, the observations, the familiar glimpses of beauty in everyday ordinary (and not so) life. I adore it all.
To the lovely Shawna Lemay, what a blessing you are – I hope you never stop sharing your beauty, in words, in pictures, in music and poetry…  as it is,
quite simply..  
I adore you,
my friend.

with much gratitude ♥

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