Tamara Willems

questions of the day

Do you ever wonder if there may be a better way
to say I love you
in something less familiar
or some way you’ve never heard
that suddenly catches you off guard
makes you stop in your
tracks for a minute
to really

do you ever wish there was a way so show someone
such kindness and understanding
without ever leaving the comforts of home
needing to invite them in
(even if they should tell you, that’s not the way)

do you ever think…  maybe I could just leave this
and quietly slip out the back
without ever being seen
yet most assured that
would find it

do you ever wish there was a way to form the words
that come to you in a
a way to tell someone how they
without its spilling out onto a weird mushy pile
of goo

do you ever wonder if kindness doesn’t hit the right mark
if it will be met
with anger or scorn
and even so,
would you let it stop you

do you ever worry that the weight of grief
might take you so far down
you may not hope
for air
(but you’re still here)

do you ever think to yourself that a
most often happens to be
the right response
to life

do you ever wonder when the sun disappears behind a cloud
if it may be gone
would you resign yourself
then, that nothing
can be done

or would you instead lift your chin up high
and wonder
at the vastness
of a beautiful sky

questions of the day

today…  I wish you love ♥

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