Tamara Willems

what it should look like…

Well, what to do when my camera has encountered some kind of
problem and now seems unwilling
to snap a few pictures
how can I possibly tell you
about the sun
as it shines late in the afternoon
on to things in my garden
how can I show you when the pictures come out white
and line-y
how the golden beams fall
on last years flowers still standing stark
somewhat naked looking
but that beautiful shine has turned them all
to stalks of gold
with feathered tops of dazzling light
and how magnificent they look against the soft
muted greyish colour of weathered barn board
from the fence

how shall I describe where the dapples of light
fall through the spruce
landing on the primrose where lazily she lies
against the cold dark earth
not yet ready to raise up her lime green leaves
for showing
or tell you about the trickles of water just along the edge
of the pond
where any signs of life stay secret, still buried
under a thick creamy coloured heavy covering
of solid ice
and the greenish bits of grass, and mounds of emerald moss
wanting me to believe
that they
have not even been sleeping

but it’s still early March,
so the late afternoon sun doesn’t stay so long
and I’ve missed the picture
that I was going to show you
it’s a shame really, cause it sure was beautiful
see 💗

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