Tamara Willems

niggling and nurturing…

Things that niggle,
looks like the shutter is stuck open
leaving things over-exposed
too bright, devoid of much clear colour
just as the sun begins again to
just as the greens may at last be
returning to the stage
my camera is
and it would appear

my laptop too seems to be
having some issues
why don’t you just bite the bullet, he says
it’s kind of important to you
though, just now I am feeling…  I cannot possibly

looking at the little green sprouts beginning to pop
pining again for the great outdoors
then remembering
last fall’s (necessary I suppose..)  trampling and destruction
from the roofers
to begin again…

pain in my hands
fingers and tendons that ache
most often from over use
heavy sliding doors at work
and these funny little knobs that form
on knuckles

things that nurture,
my daughter is leaving for the night
and she asks me
can you take care of Blueberry (her hedgehog)
sure I say, what does he need
just some love she says,
well that I can do
and how wonderful to sit to watch a movie with my sons
while holding this adorable little fellow
in my palm
quiet comfort (in mutual doses)

ever so kind messages from oh so special friends,
that pop up
like the kindest squeeze to my heart
and just the kind of connections
I am cherishing

reading about the most wonderful English garden
while dreaming of returning soon enough
my own
as we sit, reading bits aloud to my husband
of a remarkable woman whose philosophy for her plantings
is cram, cram, cram
matching quite perfectly
my favourite-tist thing of all
filling every available
always a work in progress

this little bit of ink
that I have acquired
words from dear Emily, of my choosing
of my design
meant to speak to me
of everyday possibilities

so today, there is this

there is sunshine,
Gladys Knight, Ray Charles, Barry White
a nice cup of tea
things that niggle, things that nurture

gratefully ♥

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