Tamara Willems

when it hurts too much

it is so hard for me to understand
harsh words
and intentioned
when unspeakable acts
consume our airways
how can we not react
with compassioned
open hearts
and Love
why do we instead resort to
vitriol and
how do we hold ourselves as
better than’s
if our actions
speak otherwise
we simply  will not conquer Hate
with Hate
if we only travel in dark places
how can we
expect to see

the   They,   Those,   Them
this harshness starts to permeate
my heart
pecking away pieces of me
scars on the world
when then,  are we not
We and Us

I must retreat to kinder waters
pull into safe harbours
but not to hide away
just to spare myself
the salty seas
that takes the moisture from my skin
and stings my eyes
threatens to wring my heart dry

I just don’t understand
in any form
and this hurts me so
my heart is soft
I guess I am too

I hope to always be this way
to stay soft
to stay kind
to not let the harshness of the world
poke holes in me
to keep my heart open
and full
of Love
and Compassion
and Kindness
and at times like these
to offer this
to you 

I don’t understand
unkindness …

and I hope
I never do.  ♥

“I still believe in man in spite of man. I believe in language even though it has been wounded, deformed, and perverted by the enemies of mankind. And I continue to cling to words because it is up to us to transform them into instruments of comprehension rather than contempt.
It is up to us to choose whether we wish to use them to curse or to heal, to wound or to console.” 
~ Elie Wiesel  

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