Tamara Willems

light seeking…

This morning we venture out to the grocery store
hoping to beat the crowds
(takes on a whole new meaning these days)
uneventfully get the groceries we are needing
breezing past the empty spaces
left bare by panic and extreme avarice
no extras for us,  just the usual
idly chat with the kind lady who checks us out
she’s been working extra shifts
appears quite tired
so we spend a few more minutes sharing smiles
and a little laughter
same as always
music plays upstairs
and turns up a little louder in the kitchen
as I put the groceries away
my husband is outside beginning the spring clean up
I can see the neighbour has had the same idea
a truck drives down the street, they both
smile and wave
another load of laundry in
I wander out to check on the advancement of
green sprouts
in the garden
breath a little spring-ish air
offer up a wealth of gratitude

even without the quality
of my trusty camera
I can still find that bit of light I was

and despite all
the world still turns
in sunshine

same as always ♥

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