Tamara Willems

a not so brief intermission…

This morning in the midst of a wordless wander
my early-ish walk of gratitude
in the garden
which of course is never quite wordless
as I do have a tendency to talk
to myself, out loud
well, not even so much to myself as to
the birds, the trees, the squirrels
the little chipmunk
any and all little green sprouts
I stop for a minute to admire the scilla siberica
that scatter the lawn
and gather merrily around the bottom of the forsythia bush
the tiny up shoots of glory-of-the-snow
little faces shining bright
when I notice how very many bees there are
making the beautiful blue heads bob
in the sunshine
and how even this feels like a kind of miracle today
I find myself smiling just as bright
at the warmth and beauty of this beautiful spring day

as I wander farther down the garden, I’m thinking
about the gift we have been given
this precious gift of

granted it comes upon us with much uncertainty
many, many unknowns
but has forced us all, or certainly many of us
to just
forced us inside, yet not quite to confinement
still I believe there are beautiful hidden
and not so hidden
gifts here

I sit on a bench, talk to my husband about
great possibilities for the ‘new world’
(as I call it now)
and sometimes the necessity of change
how it comes
appearing just as easily, as merely a fork
in the road
and are we not accustomed to adjusting
our sails

things to be thought about
not today,  today we’ll work on clearing out the pond
saying hello to a small toad
and the chickadee that perches just above my head
we’ll watch the hawks come and go
from high up in the spruce
and the cardinals who indeed appear to be  
thinking spring
the sparrows gathering bits and pieces
for nesting

later the kids come out
one by one
and join us by the fire
where we all stay for awhile
talk a bit , share a laugh or two
no-one rushing off
nowhere else to get to

brings me back again to how blessed we are
and how very grateful I am
that today, in this sunshine
under this beautiful blue sky
we have now each of us been given
this gift
this beautiful gift
of time

and love

cause this new world,
I thinks it’s probably gonna be …
we make it ♥

May you my friends,
be well
be safe
be loved 
May you be

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