Tamara Willems

open like the sky…

Quite out of the blue
a funny little phrase,

this morning I received a lovely message
from a friend
a simple greeting of joy
that begins my day
with a smile
yesterday in fact I received two.. no, no
come to think of it
four lovely messages of kindness
popped into my day at different times
in different ways
to light one’s heart, as they did mine
and that
is indeed quite a blessing
to behold

this morning’s blustery dusting of whiteness
not so much the welcome sight
one might be expecting in April
but the sunshine…

right after coffee
we go out for a walk, my love and I
it is wonderfully fresh and crisp
that without the proper bundling of clothes
might also be known as windy and cold
but once you are out there
the sky is so blue
with a rather smooth sailing of clouds
and the early spring colours are holding on tight


so, I fill myself up with gratitude
for this day
send it out on the wind
to find you

I do try to make it a practice to send out
some small bit of love
and gratitude every day,
I have for quite some time
sent off a personal message, at least one a day
sometimes private
other times more public
to someone who has touched my life
in some way
or just happens to be in my thoughts

so then,
might I make a small suggestion
now seems the perfect time
as one friend has done
to send someone a check in sort of message
(what else have you got to do with all this
extra time)
to say thank you, how are you
maybe here is what I like
or even a simple hello

I like this thought,
how about you
what have you possibly got to lose?

a little more connection
out of a little

peace comes when our minds
open like the sky,
vast as the ocean
and love
is abundant

so today,
quite out of the blue
sounds rather wonderful
to me ♥

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