Tamara Willems

days of numbered consequence…

This morning I’m thinking
I just really want more time with my husband
which may sound odd, as currently he is here
all day, every day
(and I’ve only just gone back to work)
right now he is at the grocery store
as the driver in the house
and the rock
by which we feel
he goes alone, to keep us
what I’m missing I suppose is this
simple outing
one we most often do together
and one I cherish
for all of its ordinary-ness
he and I in the world
as it should be
my comfort zone indeed

things feeling still somewhat
in limbo
as the world chugs along through
unknown circumstances
spring seems a little unsure of itself
although neither the sun nor the appearance of snow flakes
feels at all unnatural to us,
for a day in April
buds, flowers and toads still arriving pretty much
as scheduled
this morning a rabbit appears in the garage
once seen,  quickly goes into hiding
a comforting reminder that magic
has not been put
on hold
like a child waiting on the appearance of Santa
nothing stops me from periodically
checking in again
to see if he’s still there

early spring flowers seem to be bearing the
weight today
not bothered in the least by
this misty bit of nourishment
nor am I bothered really by the sudden
slowing down of
in the outside world
where signs of hope come
unfortunately in
the bluster of dirty politics starting up again
shaking this off
I prefer to ground myself in the
surroundings of my garden
paying no attention to current news cycles
and reminding myself
not to bite
at brief flashes of click bait
no real interest in an outrage parade
or even the marching band as it passes
it is a more peaceful existence
I am open to
and always I know I will find it
in love

the abundance of which flows through
and surrounds

this is home, right here ♥

and i hope this finds you well

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