Tamara Willems

things for thinking…

This morning I’m reading about J.D. Salinger
and can feel the internal excitement beginning to jump
at the mention of F. Scott Fitzgerald
I am choosing to read without the benefit
of my reading glasses in absolute defiance of giving in to
aging eyes
constantly readjusting my focus
(thinking I might outwit them somehow)

this morning I watch a little clip of the fabulous
Barbra Streisand , from Funny Girl
in honor of her birthday,
I can feel myself start to bubble
thinking this
may indeed be
my favourite movie

this morning I pause for a time to gaze lovingly
at the books on my enormous bookshelf
and wonder how you are keeping
in this time of shut down
thinking, a little worryingly
if indeed you have enough…


to get you through

I glance once at the clock
think of my friend, who is kind
who never misses sending me a message
on Fridays, (my day off.. but not hers)
wishing me well
I think to myself how this may be one of the dearest
contributions to the world
touching a life
making someone
and how I am blessed

this morning I’m thinking of things to be done
in this day
like, cleaning the bathroom or
possibly readying some gardens
doing my hair
still while sitting comfortably in my chair
by the window
casually caressing  the book in my lap
and thinking how lovely
the softness of a paperback
where only a day ago, I assert the hardcover
to be the most wonderful
thing to have and to

this morning too, I am thinking of
the most glorious carrot cake
with cream cheese frosting
made perfectly and skillfully by my daughters
from scratch
far surpassing anything I may have produced
after a tiring day at
offering a most delicious if somewhat
birthday celebration for the youngest
among us

and how (hopefully) the precariousness
of life
brings the beauty of ordinary things
to the forefront

and be-longing

and possibly somehow
saves us
from ourselves 

this morning then,
here I am… sitting
thinking of

that tingle, that

beautiful things
and simple things

I am wishing you well ♥

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