Tamara Willems

raindrops on tulips…

This morning again
finding oneself here
reminding yourself to breathe
fully and deeply
voluntarily carrying the weight of loss
a friend whose heart has been inextricably torn
away by the loss of his beloved
and what can one possibly say to reduce some small bit of
the emptiness that sits upon ones
at such a time as this
I am holding you my friend, in my heart
and will continue to do so
as this is all I know

it is never something we can explain
the hows, the whys, the when
even if it comes with age
there is no way to fully prepare ourselves
with insight or expectability
except in knowing
that it does come indeed to all of us
at some
whether we ourselves are going
or we find ourselves

we preoccupy ourselves with petty discomforts
when we know nothing of this pain
waste precious time on ridiculous things
the humanness of avoidance

when all we have is the time we have
to love
the right now in this moment
to know love, to show love
to give love
to those we love
as this is what carries us through
this is our

I don’t claim to know so much about how to deal
or how to comfort at such a time as this
except I suppose, to spill it all out
in words,

what I do know is, to have given love
and to have been so loved,
as you my friend
this IS what remains, always
comfortably and peacefully
in its place

this then,
is what helps us to once again
the morning

when it comes ♥

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