Tamara Willems

directing our hearts…

A beautiful morning so I take my coffee
and book outside to enjoy the quiet
almost instantly a large truck rumbles to a stop
thumps and bangs, then a chainsaw
and a noisy chipper begin
of some kind
disruption for me as I happen to be reading
about trees

moving inside to my chair
I get a text from my husband to say
that the little chipmunk he has friended at work
and just recently coaxed into eating
directly from his hand
a simple offer of gentle kindness, gratefully received
qualities I so admire in a human
or animal
this little chipmunk, had just been run over
right in front of him

what had been a beautiful blue sky
clouds over in darker shades of grey
wind whips
rain begins to pelt the windows
forcing me to shut out
the fresh

never do I have a wish to contribute to
the noise of the world,
but what sits heavily with me these last few days
is that police and brutality should never EVER be words
that belong together
we should not be surprised, we should not be
when abject violence is used against another human being
we should always, ALWAYS be
it is necessary to speak out about such things
as this just cannot keep happening…  and yet
it does

what affects any being in this our shared world
affects us all

when a mighty tree falls
we all will feel its
when one tiny animal loses a life,
we too
lose a little
and my goodness, when one fellow human
has life blatantly and willing taken from him
we all
are deemed responsible

This should never be allowed, never be
never, EVER be tolerated
by a so called civilized society
we cannot accept.

We simply must find a way to do better.

“Others will kill. We shall not kill.
Thus we should direct our hearts.
Others will be cruel. We shall not be cruel.
Thus we should direct our hearts.
Others will speak falsely. We will speak what is true.
Thus we should direct our hearts.
Others will be fraudulent.  We shall not be fraudulent.
Thus we should direct our hearts.
Others will be hateful. We shall become loving.
Thus we shall direct our hearts.
Others will be unwise.  We shall become wise.
Thus we shall direct our hearts.”
May we carry these intentions with courage,

as a beacon and a medicine,
as a blessing

to all
we touch.  ♥

(the above instructions of the Buddha, from Jack Kornfield)

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