Tamara Willems

quiet, but never silent…

I begin of course, by walking the gardens…

today being a day off, you might already know
how I am spending my time
the early morning, overcast and humid
gives a damp heavy feeling to things
the toads are loudly calling out from the pond
boldly enticing lovers in for a swim
and a rather magnificent dragonfly the size of a small
darts and dances wildly about
he really is so very beautiful, and I tell him
(having no real knowledge of the gender specifics of dragonflies,
I call him- him, to which he hardly seems bothered)
a little chipmunk comes in to sneak a quick drink
while I try not to disturb

as I wander, I notice distinct paths worn in the grass,
of course one to the pond, one down to the composter,
one around to the roses
paths worn by foot traffic, as well as the dogs
encouragers of direction

you might also know, I walk these paths
every day in fact, in gratitude
you may be surprised to find me,
quietly studying areas that one would suppose
I was quite familiar with
yet I am always open to finding something new
something I may not have noticed
some kind of inner
of things
or something quiet delightful
to the

as well as brief chats with the flowers,
and stops to acknowledge sudden short breakout bursts
of sunlight
I am almost always deep
in thought
and thoughts of late are plenty
in just how far we have come,
and yet how very little has been accomplished
for some

how the privileged among us (to which I am one)
suddenly seem shocked to learn

I don’t think I can express this enough,
That now is precisely the time to educate yourself, to open yourself up to
knowledge (if you have not done)
Never can it be an excuse, “I had no idea”
information is more widely accessible than ever, EVER before
learn about atrocities, betrayals, injustices
learn about intolerance, ignorance, power and greed
learn about ownership, cultures denied and stripped
learn about kidnapping, complacency and oppression
but also,
learn about great courage, intelligence, strength, hearty activism
learn about rising above all efforts to hold one down
learn about heart, and will
learn about
love, kindness,
and even somehow, against all odds

learn about those who fight long and hard
to bring these things to

these are the shoulders we stand on
this is

we ARE the privileged, by our own construction
and we have no plausible excuse not to make ourselves aware
of injustice
of inequality
of intolerance

of history,
of present
of future

if there is to be any hope for any of us
it must be hope
for ALL of us

 “The fact that we are here and that I speak these words is an attempt to break that silence and bridge some of those differences between us, for it is not difference which immobilizes us, but silence. And there are so many silences to be broken.”
~ Audre Lorde

at the very least…
stay open ♥

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