Tamara Willems

then we go from here…

One of the greatest things I did at the start of this
global pandemic situation
was to stop watching the news
not a fan of over sensationalized stories anyway
I ceased even my once a day tune in to local news
(mostly in hopes of catching the weather)
I had no wish to be fed the constant speculation and
bickering, snatches of things off the internet
click bait headlines over-filled with fluff
especially in these times

I don’t take myself out of necessary things
but I prefer to choose
what I willingly
(bodies tend to
carry stuff)

I’ve been reading, watching and learning lately, much about the mistreatment of humans,
racism, sexism, patriarchy, religion, politics, power and
stealing, slaughtering, bludgeoning of indigenous people
into submission,
snatching people from other countries, forcing them
into slavery,
mistreatment of individuals simply because they are
a different shade,
shushing, subduing and diminishing women, the weaker sex
into obedience
(the past two nights have been suffragettes)
claiming as great leaders of power, politics and religion
always have…
to ‘civilize’
all the while acting anything but civilized

of course I know,  so very much is driven by fear
divide and conquer often at its
still goes on
I suppose I am trying to figure how it is,
people eat this stuff up
how people around the megalomaniac ever feel this
to be
right, fair

civilized: /ˈsivəlīzd/adjective
1. at an advanced stage of social and cultural development.
“a civilized society”

if right here you happen to be thinking
here she goes…  this is not my doing…  why do we need again to talk about this
then most probably you are among the privileged
who have not been made
to suffer

and that my friends, is precisely

possibly my hope here is that something ignites a small spark
that somehow allows
you who may be reading this to
open understanding, to listening , to learning
to independent deep thinking
to being aware of the world
around you
and to every being who inhabits

in the garden
it’s been terribly or rather wonderfully
(depending on perspective and my love of summer)
and dry, so very, very dry
everything is beginning to get crispy and
we are in need of rain so badly
where a walk around starts to feel a bit
as flowers begin to lie themselves down
in parched desperation
I get a bit reluctant even to water as I know what they are needing
is genuine nourishment in the form 
of a deep soaking rain
so each of us
adapt..   I suppose
and wait…   for nature to replenish

he spends the morning
with me, my love
reading, then we walk
talking passionately to each other
about ideas, things we know, things we are learning
things we believe in
to be done

we stand out front looking at the very dry lawn
renew our
to growing things other than

filling ourselves up
on gratitude
and the sweetest of things

then we go from here
him to work and me
to writing
about the same old things
love, kindness
and gratitude

often captured here
in the smallest
of details

and just
it begins to rain ♥

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