Tamara Willems

hearts wide open…

I wonder how he knows
when I have a had a bad day
and I think to text him to say, ‘when I come in,
don’t ask about my day’ with an angry face emoji
then change it to what I think looks like
exhausted face
when I sit down in a hot sweaty
slowly untie very wet work boots
remove my socks
how he knows, that I could use
a minute
before fury… or tears

how he knows that, three minutes the next morning
isn’t enough
how he kisses me and sends me
back in the ring,

how hours later when I come home
I get a text to say
hope your day was…

how the day after this, he carries my coffee outside
we sit down with our books
but don’t open

how I talk, and he listens
then we talk together
and again together, we both
how he says, let’s go for a drive
look at some gardens

how later, in the grocery store
when a lady in a mask tries to encourage us
to call out the couple who have just jumped the line
in front
we both just shrug and smile, not the least bit bothered
(me with my hand resting gently
on his backside)
hardly even noticed, really
we all get to check-outs about the same time

how again back home,  we talk about plants
and plans
what might go..  where
even as he slips in tomorrow’s golf game
and then
laughs when I tell him that lovely dog-eared flower
is me

how later he leaves me with the warmth
of a kiss
to the quiet of a sunny afternoon
in my garden
as he heads off to work

I wonder how he knows,
just exactly what I was needing
I wonder,
how he knows…

he tells me, he is not an intelligent man
and I ask him then how
it is


me ♥

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