Tamara Willems

best laid plans…

So the plan was to do so much
however, it hasn’t worked out
while I did manage a brief sit outside this morning
and to finish a good book
that had me wondering if I had been more
could I have been some kind of
bravely standing up for things I believe in
yet also knowing how averse I am to cruelty
lack of compassion and disregard for human decency
I’d never ever make it
in one
and I don’t, I suppose… because my life
doesn’t depend on it
but someone else’s

so very, very much respect
for those courageous souls
that do

early thoughts of ushering everyone out the door
to their respective workplaces
then back to my chair
changed to my dear husband rushing me through coffee
some business and things to take care of
then spent a good portion of the day
searching online for a decent pair of work boots
while waiting for my husband to please answer my texts
to help me make a decision
on monies that seem far too ridiculous to be spending

then to find it suddenly late afternoon,
and the couple of crackers I have eaten
are just not enough

the day has sort of disappeared
not into the lovely nothingness
I had anticipated
but into
a kind of something
frivolous feeling

here then, a fortifying walk of great gratitude
in the garden
and thoughts of a stronger attempt
at nothing

tomorrow ♥

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